Greetings and salutations!

Just a bit about myself – I’m an average guy commuting to the city for work, great wife, 3 awesome kids and my other baby: my garden.  In the short 3 years we’ve lived at our house, I’ve cleared land, transferred existing plants around the yard, and planted a wide variety of edibles.  We’ve sown everything from lettuce and cucumbers to Jerusalem artichokes and nasturtium from seed and have a growing assortment of perennials including various grapes, blueberries, currants, Goji berries and asparagus to name a few.  Fruit trees also abound such as cherry, plum, peach, apple, and fig.  My strawberries are itching to extend further into the yard, my grapes have already started forming, and my potatoes need to be hilled.  The secret is that it’s really not that hard to do.  I rarely buy soil, fertilizer, or even seeds (after buying them initially).  Each post will explain how a non-professional can put together a successful garden without spending a ton of money or a lot of time.

Spring is in the air and summer will be quickly upon us.  Get out there, don’t sweat the details, and grow, grow, grow.

Please excuse the mess, we’re still under construction here at longislandhomegardener.com, but remember to come back periodically to check in as more and more features will be added.

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