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My book review

There is a lot of information out there but where to start?  This portion of the site will be dedicated to my review of gardening books that I read.  Hopefully it will give our community and easier time of sifting through the options.

Carrots love Tomatoes

Carrot's Love Tomatoes    Carrots love Tomatoes is a great book for beginners.   Don’t let the title fool you, this is not just a book about companion planting.  I was lucky enough to get this book as a gift early on in my gardening experience and it never fails to provide value time and time again.   Louise, who lived on a small farm in Oklahoma, unfortunately passed in 1998 but her book continues to be a great resource not only on which plants like and dislike each other’s company, but provides a great reference guide on different edibles, gardening techniques, soil improvement, pest control, gardening plans and more. 

Maisy Grows a Garden

Maisy Grows a GardenMaisy Grows a Garden shares the flawless execution of planting a vegetable garden by Maisy the mouse and her trusty sidekick Panda.  It goes through digging, planting, tending, growth, weeding and enjoying a small garden as well as the tools needed along the way.  This is part of a much bigger Maisy series but I know my 3 year old's love this book.  A bit of warning, as with all pop up books, you should keep watch to make sure they don't rip the tabs or just handle the book yourself at story time.

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