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Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite activity is taking people on a tour of my garden. Starting with fennel and ending with potatoes, the journey turns into a stroll down memory lane as tales of success and failure are intertwined with the hopeful vision of a successful bounty throughout the year. Inevitably though, friends and family like Joe the phlebotomist and Greg the physical therapist don’t really want to hear all the details on the strawberry patch. They think ,“Oh strawberries - that’s cool,” whereas I’m excitedly telling them about how the patch is providing a stacked benefit as it’s not only providing berries, but acting as a natural mulch to the grape vine above it as well.

I’ve created this site to not only give me a forum to detail my adventures in gardening, but to also create a community of Long Island home gardeners and cultivate a useful local resource page with general information, shops and suppliers, events, and fill any holes that locals may currently find.

My main goal is to build a community. I pass too many flower sales in the course of my every day errands because I had no idea they would be on my way and didn’t have time to stop. There are a bunch of great gardening clubs out there that I have no idea about. Mostly, I don’t know what the people around me are doing to be successful given life’s hectic pace on the Island. Feel free to send your comments and suggestions to me at to improve everyone’s experiences. With that, let’s get digging and see what we can unearth.

Big Boy loves his apples!!


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